As the holiday cookies come out of the oven and the candy canes hook onto the tree, you may spend more time than usual worrying about your waistline.

Controlling your enjoyment of the sweet stuff is necessary throughout December, but you should spend just as much time worrying about the impact those holiday treats may have on your child’s teeth.

It’s important that they maintain a healthy teeth-brushing routine and balance the treats with healthy foods, but you may also consider wrapping up a few gifts that promote dental health.

The staff here at Briggs Family Dentistry wants to help you celebrate the holidays healthfully, so we rounded up a short list of smile-friendly gift recommendations:

Dr. Fresh Smiley Gripper Toothbrush: These friendly toothbrushes are designed with small suction cups that attach to your bathroom sink, allowing the brush to stand upright.

This prevents your young brusher from leaving the toothbrush on the sink where the bristles can pick up germs. Other gripper toothbrush designs are available, including a fun dinosaur.

Brush Beatz Toothbrushes:Are you tired of asking your pre-teen or teenager to brush their teeth? Get their attention with these singing toothbrushes.

You can select from the WWE theme song, fun tunes like “What Does the Fox Say?” and songs by popular artists, including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and One Direction. For the little music lovers, there are a couple songs available from the Wiggles.

Tooth Fairy Door Pillow: The tooth fairy loves these pillows because they save her a lot of time and allow her to complete her job without waking up sleeping children. You can add your child’s name to the pillow so that they know it was made just for them.

Have fun tearing off the wrapping paper and enjoying whatever gifts come your way this year. When you’re ready for a cleaning or have other dental health needs, we look forward to seeing you at Briggs Family Dentistry in the new year!