Cosmetic Dentistry

What are Dental Implants? Dental implants have become an increasingly popular option for patients who have missing teeth.

Restorative Dentistry

Lasers are so sophisticated these days; they can be used on hard tissue – your teeth – and soft tissue – your gums. Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry use both.

High-Tech Dentistry

Oral cancer is one of the most treatable and curable cancers when caught early. Five year survivorship after treatment is very high when the cancer is discovered in the earliest stages.

Comfort Dentistry

One of the reasons you may want to tour Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry prior to your appointment is to witness the amazing attributes of laser procedures.


Welcome to Briggs Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

We Create Beautiful Smiles

Good dental health and hygiene are important to us and we are committed to providing optimal oral health for you and your family.

Dr. Roger Briggs and Dr. Bradley Briggs use the latest in technology for cosmetic dentistry, such as lasers and digital x-rays, to give you that smile you deserve.

Briggs Family & Cosmetic Dentistry works together and strives to make you feel comfortable in a happy and caring environment every step of the way.

Comfort Dentistry


Comprehensive Dental Services

Our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable, professional clinic, designed according to high-quality standards.

Dental Anxiety

We offer a range of services to help you overcome fear and finally enjoy good oral health.

Missing Teeth

We can restore your smile, as well as speaking & eating ability with advanced prosthetics. Let us help you with the proper treatment!

Tooth Pain

Toothache can be caused by various problems. An examination can help to determine the severity and precise issue that may need to be addressed.

Periodontal Disease

Chronic periodontal destruction can lead to loosening or loss of teeth. We offer a variety of periodontal treatments, customized for your specific health needs.

Emergency Care

Don't hesitate to seek urgent dental care if you are experiencing severe tooth pain or bleeding, we're here to help!

Oral Health Consultation

Your smile matters to us, so your first oral health consultation at our clinic is completely free of charge.

Award Winning Dentists

Providing exceptional dental care for more than 45 years, the team at Briggs Family Dentistry is dedicated to your health and happy smile. Learn more about our team members listed below.